Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Arranging a Funeral

The life of a loved one can be celebrated in a variety of ways.
Many people are involved in a Church community, and will choose to have the service there.

Others may prefer to use a funeral director’s or a crematorium chapel, or have the service at some other special place, such as the family home, a park or a community hall or facility.

The number of mourners expected to attend is often an important consideration when choosing a venue for a funeral.
Services can be conducted by clergy, a civil celebrant or even a family member or friend.

The most common types of funeral services are:

(1) Church / Chapel Service

Followed by a Cemetery / Crematorium Service. This style of funeral begins with a service at a church or funeral chapel (or other place), followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium, where there is a final committal ceremony.

(2) Single Service Funeral

A single service funeral can take place at one of our funeral chapels, a church, a crematorium chapel, at the graveside or a special place, such as a park or community hall.
This service incorporates a final committal process, and there is no procession to the cemetery or crematorium.

(3) Memorial Service

A memorial service takes place after a private burial or cremation at any of the places referred to above.

For Help or Advice on arranging funerals, Please call our free call funeral line.
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